William Groebe – Director/Artist/Animator

Over the last 25 years I have contributed everything from storyboards, animation, motion capture, and concept art to a variety of film, television, and video game projects. Among my film credits are Stranger Things, Thor: Love and Thunder, Free Guy, Hobbs & Shaw, Deadpool 2, Ted, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, The Matrix: Revolutions, The Twilight Saga, Cloverfield, and more. 

I am also a writer/director, having created short films and commercials. My first short film Suspended, a science fiction film in the vein of old Twilight Zone episodes, did the festival circuit in 2018. My latest film Three Queens a comedic short about a group of bank robbing drag queens.

You can screen Three Queens from September 11th through September 30th as part of the Cinema Diverse Film festival. Go here for tickets. https://cinemadiversethepalmspringslgbtqfilmfestival.festivee.com/drag-it-out-girls

William Groebe – 415-279-0914 – will@williamgroebe.com

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