William Elder Groebe

Director / Animation Director / Storyboard Artist

With my unique experience as a storyboard and VFX artist, I have designed and executed some of the most iconic scenes of the past 20 years, including Captain America brutally killing an unarmed enemy with his shield in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the hilarious karaoke scene in Ted, and the crazy helicopter vs trucks daisy chain in Hobbs & Shaw. I storyboarded the “9 to 5” montage in Deadpool 2, and supervised the animation of the horrific restaurant scene in It Chapter Two. I have animated everything from the chipmunk in Enchanted to the Cloverfield monster.

My background in animation lead me to the opportunity to work with Bleacher Report and DreamView Studios to create the animated series The Portal pitting NBA legends across time in games of one-on-one. I had the pleasure to direct all four episodes of the season 1.

I have written and directed commercials as well as short films. My most recent film Three Queens, a comedy about a group of bank-robbing drag queens, which won the best LGBT Short Film at the Paris Short Film Festival in 2020. My short film Suspended, featuring sound design by legendary Star Wars alumni Ben Burtt, is a science fiction story in the vein of old Twilight Zone episodes. 

(415) 279-0914  will@williamgroebe.com

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