The Adam Project

My third storyboarding gig on a Ryan Reynolds movie, fourth if you include his cameo in Hobbs and Shaw. And this was my second show with director Shawn Levy. That guy is amazingly prolific. If he isn’t directing it he’s producing it, and is a dream to work with. Loves collaborating and allows his team a lot of freedom to pitch fun ideas.

Opening Scene when Ryan steals the time travel jet. There were no designs yet at this point so I drew the ship as an F-117 Nighthawk and gave Ryan a X-wing pilot helmet. Ha!

Here Ryan meets up with his old flame Zoey Saldana and they’re chased through the woods by future soldiers on hoverboards. I worked on this sequence with fellow storyboard artist Ray Prado. I ended up stealing his Jeep and spaceship in a few shots so that when edited together our sequences had consistency.

Ryan and young Ryan work together to gain entry to the time travel lab.